Audition Results 23/24

Congratulations to all!

You can find the dates for the season here: In most cases, seating assignments and announcements will occur prior to each of the three productions. Winners can expect an email confirmation in the next couple of days. If the instrument is listed alone (i.e. Captain Kirk ACCORDION), then you have been accepted for our regular season with the Eugene Ballet (Snow Queen, Nutcracker, Peter Pan). If there are shows in parentheses next to your name (i.e. Captain Kirk (N)) then you are ON for those productions (based in part on your stated availability). If “alternate” is shown (i.e. Captain Kirk ACCORDION ALTERNATE) then you will be asked to play if Spock can’t make one of the productions. Please note that Great Gatsby is an entirely different group of musicians and outside of this group. 


Key: SQ=Snow Queen; N=Nutcracker; PP=Peter Pan  

Elaine Martir
Flute (PP)
Mallory Wood
Flute (N, PP)
Anamarie Diaz
Flute Alternate
Jaden Sumner
Flute Alternate
Wesley Becherer
Oboe (N, PP)
Gray Araiza
Oboe Alternate
Avery Rowzee
Oboe Alternate
Brandon Hao
English Horn
Rebecca Keller
English Horn Alternate
Apollo Paris Mitchell
English Horn Alternate
David Kwek
Logan Leister
Bass Clarinet (N, PP)
Dexter Hildago
Clarinet Alternate
Bronson York
Bassoon (PP)
Annie Liu
Bassoon Alternate
Kelly Cunningham
Bassoon Alternate
India Roane
Bassoon Alternate
Braydon Ross
Horn (N, PP)
Madeline Grenier
Horn (N, PP)
Lauren Griffith
Horn (N, PP)
David Holloway
Horn Alternate
Sydney Hoehl
Trumpet (N)
Andrew Pelto
Trumpet Alternate
Anthony Cangemi
Trombone (N, PP)
Alex Hunter
Trombone Alternate
James Kuzmic
Bass Trombone (N, PP)
Jackson Baker
Bass Trombone Alternate
Cari Earnhardt
Tuba (N, PP)
Daniel Dyer
Tuba Alternate
Emily Stone
Harp (N)
Helen Nebeker
Piano (TBD)
Thomas Snedeker
Mitch Vogel
Robert Lenau
Percussion (SQ, PP)
Nathan Juarez
Percussion Alternate
Madison Vanderwall
Violin I
Henry Rublein
Violin I
Emma Simmons
Violin I
Megan Fraser
Violin I
Tera Murdock
Violin I
Clare Griffith
Violin II
Esme Peters
Violin II
Christopher Stark
Violin II
Alicia Mora
Violin II
Serene Zhang
Violin Alternate
Alfonso Keller-Casielles
Violin Alternate
Alejandro Acosta
Violin Alternate
Luis Ramos Lopez
Nia McQuarters
Myles Davis
Viola (N, PP)
Samantha Tse
Grace Clark
Viola Alternate
Tomas Estigarribia
Adam Broce
Ella Morton
Cello (N, PP)
Pete Amawattana
Noelle Snedeker
Cello Alternate
Nicolas Roberts
Cello Alternate
Josef Ward
K.C. Isaman
Bass (PP)
Raquel Armendariz
Bass Alternate
Carson Fast
Bass Alternate
Gabe Martinez
Bass Alternate