23-24 Season

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23/24 Season with Eugene Ballet

Paul Safar RecordingAug 19 & 20 – already contracted

Snow Queen 


Oct 23-26, 7-10p

Three Performances

Fri, Oct 27-7:30p

Sat Oct 28-2p

Sun Oct 29-2p



Dec 19-20, 7-10p

Seven Performances

Thurs, Dec 21-7:30p

Fri, Dec 22-7:30p

Sat, Dec 23-2p

Sat, Dec 23-7:30p

Sun, Dec 24-2p

Tues, Dec 26-2p

Tues, Dec 26-7:30p

Gatsby (big band – orchestral applicants do not need to be available for this)


Feb 5-8, 7-10p

Three Performances

Fri, Feb 9-7:30p

Sat, Feb 10-2p

Sat, Feb 10-8p

Peter Pan


May 13-16, 7-10p

Three Performances

Fri, May 17-7:30p

Sat, May 18-2p

Sun, May 19-2p