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ON Academy

ON Mission

One of Orchestra Next’s primary goals is to offer mentorship to aspiring professional musicians. In a typical season, we have done this by auditioning in ~35 musicians who sit next to our principals in productions. Since 2012, this has been our model – and it has been incredible. 

But this season is different.

Right now, we don’t know when we’ll be able to go back into the pit. Clearly, we have to adapt.  

For the 20/21 season, we are still going to offer mentorship to aspiring professional musicians. We are still going to audition in ~35 musicians into our Fellowship Program. And we’re going to engage in creative projects and performances. 

And we’re very pleased to offer something new:

ON Academy

ON Academy is a program of online masterclasses and discussions geared toward professional development. ON Fellows will have the opportunity to interact with ON Alumni, ON Principals, and guests. 

Topics to include:

    • Traditional style masterclasses with ON principals
    • Discussion Panels with ON principals
    • Guest Instruction
    • Audition Prep
    • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) instruction
    • Arts Administration topics
    • Grant Writing
    • Health & Wellness
    • Living on a Budget and….Taxes

We’re working on the schedule now and will update this site when we have more details.

How can you join?

There are two ways to join the ON Academy: 

  1. Fellowship Program: if you are accepted as a Fellow, you will have full access to ON Academy. Applications are due Oct. 11. If you are not accepted as a Fellow, you will have the opportunity to sign up for ON Academy. 
  2. Student Program: ANY student can sign up to be a part of this program. While we don’t have any age restrictions to join, this series will be tailored for students from high school through college and beyond.   

Tuition for ON Academy is on a sliding scale from $0-$500.


Email anytime at orchestranext [at] gmail.com

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