Audition Results 21/22

Congratulations to all!

You can find the dates for the season here:

In most cases, seating assignments and announcements will occur prior to each of the three productions. Winners can expect an email confirmation in the next couple of days. 

If the instrument is listed alone (i.e. Captain Kirk ACCORDION), then you have been accepted for our regular season with the Eugene Ballet (Cinderella, Nutcracker, Taming of the Shrew).

If there are shows in parentheses next to your name (i.e. Captain Kirk (Nutcracker)) then you have been accepted to play for those productions only.

If “alternate” is shown (i.e. Captain Kirk ACCORDION ALTERNATE) then you will be asked to play if Spock can’t make one of the productions.

For those of you who have been selected for the full season or have “Nutcracker” next to your name, please note that you are accepted for the Nutcracker shows as well as the Nutcracker recording. 


Natalie Van Slyke
Robert Wakeley
Piccolo (Nutcracker)
Raven Stokes
Flute Alternate
Yu Hao
Oboe (Nutcracker & Taming)
Rebecca Keller
English Horn (Cinderella & Nutcracker)
Jose Febus
English Horn Alternate
Daniel Folwick
Emily Geoffroy
Clarinet Alternate
Logan Leister
Bass Clarinet (Nutcracker)
Max Mabry
Bass Clarinet Alternate
Bronson York
Bassoon (Nutcracker & Taming)
Braydon Ross
Lauren Griffith
Horn (Nutcracker)
Kayla Wenos
Horn (Nutcracker)
Raymond Randol
Horn Alternate
Luke Harju
Alex Shuffield
Trumpet Alternate
Jackson Stiver
Trombone (Nutcracker)
Alex Hunter
Trombone Alternate
James Kuzmic
Tuba (Cinderella and Nutcracker)
Daniel Dyer
Tuba Alternate
Nathan Juarez
Natalie North
Percussion (Nutcracker and Heaven & Earth)
Mitchell Vogel
Percussion (Cinderella and Heaven & Earth)
Chien Wong
Percussion (Heaven & Earth)
Juan Avendaño
Piano (TBD)
Hannah Willard
Violin 1
Sofie Yang
Violin 1
Alfonso Keller-Casielles
Violin 1
Erika Parisien
Violin 1
Anika Meisel
Violin 1 Alternate
Matthew Zheng
Violin 2
J Sedloff
Violin 2
Jenna Kramer
Violin 2
Andrew Morse
Violin 2
Annika Porter
Violin 2 Alternate
Myles Davis
Elliana Phillips
Sam Ross
Christine Sears
Adam Broce
Nicholas Burton
Robert Lassila