SAIL ON – Orchestra Next’s Recording Camp 2018

SAIL ON – Orchestra Next’s Recording Camp 2018

In partnership with the University of Oregon’s Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL), Orchestra Next hosted its first Summer camp in August of 2018.

SAIL ON provides classes in music technology where the students get hands-on experience with world class resources. The students, no matter their profiecency level, also experience recording sessions sitting next to, and recording with, principals and celebrated alumni from Orchestra Next. SAIL ON is a music recording camp that is unlike anything else.

For the 2018 SAIL ON camp held in August, we recorded a scene from Ed’s Coed – a silent film made in 1929 by UO students. This particular scene focuses on Hayward Field and even shows Bill Hayward throughout. The music is Col. Leader March – composed in 1918 by Albert Perfect (the composer for UO’s fight song Mighty Oregon).  Students and faculty joined together to record the piece.


In addition to the Hayward Field scene, students also recorded their own creative projects and, collectively, we recorded a series of ring-tones for fun.

SAIL ON is sponsored in part by the Autzen Foundation and the Oregon Humanities Center’s Endowment for Public Outreach in the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities.