Devised Piece 1 (Fellows Only)

Update 5.25.21

We’ve recorded everyone in the ON OFFice and now, if there’s anyone out there that wants to add something from home, please 1. let Brian know your plans by the end of this week ( ), 2. download the movie file and add what you like, 3. then email Brian your mp3 (please make sure that your 0:00 is the same as the movie file here)  – for now, check out what we’ve got:


Update 4.22.21

Right now, we have 4 videos from Instaballet (see below) and we’re ready to invite you to record! Jade Halls has also recorded for Tessa’s video and you are welcome to add on to that as well. You’ll see Jade’s video below the 4 instaballet videos.

There are two options for this:

Record at the new ON OFFice (PREFERRED)

  1. Go to this link to schedule a time:
  2. Watch the videos and make some loose decisions about what you might do or which videos you’d like to play on (if you don’t have any ideas, no problem! Just schedule a time and we’ll work with you).
  3. At the session, you’ll be able to see the videos and hear whatever has been recorded so far! It’ll be wild.
  4. Show up at your scheduled time (174 East 16th Avenue, Suite 142 Eugene, OR 97401), record, and pick up your check for $50!

Covid notice: for these recordings in the ON OFFice, you will be in a booth by yourself. It will be cleaned prior to each session. And you should know that Brian will be in the other room – who will be fully vaccinated by that point. You are welcome to disclose your own vaccination status but it is not required at this time.

Record at home

  1. If you aren’t able to come in, no worries. All you need to do is wait. Once we get the recordings done from the ON OFFice, we’ll post what we have so far on this page for you to add on.
  2. Once you see those tracks, just record whatever you like at home with for any of the videos that you are drawn to.
  3. Submit your audio recordings to this link:
  4. Please include your name and the name of the video you are recording for on EACH FILE. The files will be dropped in at 0:00 unless you give us clear instructions otherwise.
  5. Send an email to stating that you’ve uploaded your file and confirm your current mailing address – we’ll send the check ASAP.


So, we will be making a piece! Right now, the idea is that we’ll create 4 thirty second long pieces that will be ‘inspired’ by dance videos. We have asked #Instaballet to help us with this and they’re super into it. I’ve sent them a few ideas that you all raised for conceptual frameworks and told them that they could choose.

Stay tuned. If you didn’t get a chance to go to the meeting where we discussed the overall idea, see the video below.

VIDEO Submissions from Instaballet






Jade Halls’ Recording for Tessa1