‘Twas the Night Before HomeNut

According to legend, Sarah Viens composed a behind-the-scenes, truthful account of the story of HomeNut. A harrowing story, she never intended that it be published… but Maestro McWhorter learned of the poem and set it to music (as any self-respecting conductor would do). And not just any music…

Grab a cup of cocoa, sit down by the fire, and prepare yourself for the real story of HomeNut. What’s HomeNut you ask? You mean you didn’t listen to the last episode? You should. HomeNut was a very big deal and the process was…nuts. We hope you enjoy this little holiday toast from ON. Happy Holidays to all!

Orchestra Next engaged its professionals, fellows, and University of Oregon SAIL ON high school students to produce sections of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker for the Eugene Ballet from April through October of 2020 during the pandemic. Musicians from Oregon, across the U.S. and as far away as Puerto Rico recorded their parts for several movements from their homes. More information at www.orchestranext.com/homenut